Kat Hunter

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Connect people with the same passion
and the rest will follow.


Kat Hunter engages in projects with a social, cultural and/ or political focus, acting as a business promoter for people we believe in.  We are a supportive network, connecting creative and social responsible driven characters to raise benefits for everyone involved.
Together we strive for a more conscious, colorful, tolerant and social society.
Regardless of your genes, color, gender or other discriminating categories.
 Let’s grow together! 

Big projects don’t come easy.
For maximum impact, this is what we do:


Diverse in our skills, we are united by our values

We are Reflective

We are able to change our mind and admit when we are wrong.

We are Discrete

Professionalism is everything. We always work confidential until agreed different.

We are Passionate

We work only for what we believe in and what we truly and with best knowledge think is right to do. We will use our power to fight discrimination, racism and intolerance in all its forms.

We are Reliable

We only support when we have the needed expertise and network. That’s why our success rate is close to 100%.  If we promise you something, feel safe to rely on it. <3 

We are Transparent

We communicate open and proactive about our spendings. Our main goal is not commercial profit. Our goal is to make a positive difference for as many people as possible. Please join our tribe. No double standards, no backstage backstage, no VIP.

We Always do our best

We aren’t perfect but we do the best we can. Always.

We seek for partnership and cooperations

We want to have everybody more. Let’s share. Sharing is caring and we are all in it together. Its easy! Sounds like old news? Well, then why don’t you finally incorporate it, too?

We are inclusive and open minded

You agree with our philosophy and want to be part of our tribe? We’d love to get to know you, especially if you have special needs.


Please understand (spoileralarm capitalism):
There is enough, actually too much money already existing in this world. If others get more , it doesn’t necessarily mean that YOU have to earn less. It’s not a pot to small to share.
In fact, the opposite is the case! We can all raise our standard of living, our current and prospective incomes and at the same time, support those having less then us.
There is no need to be exploited or to believe that you become poor if I become rich. Repeat and Remember. Thank you!

But surely, Ethics include much more; check out our values, code of conducts and our shop.

Be part of something bigger than yourself!
There are many reasons to get in touch with us.
Let us know below what it is you crave for!