Cap Hunter and more

born out of pure joy and passion, the urge to express ourselves as colourful and creative individuals, away from mainstream standard fashion or stupid cliché drawers.

About the brand

The opportunity to just wear what you feel like, to experiment and not be judged for your appearance, is a main reason why many of us live in Berlin as a city of choice.

Creating Caps, Hats, complete outfits for festivals, clubs or even just at home has been kind of my fetish for years now. At some point, it became the only logical step to follow this road and create Caps for everybody who loves them, and that as unique and diverse as the people who wear them.

In our shop you find our current collection. If you love them, I would be so happy to handmade you one as well. If you feel like, hmm, this sequins would look better in pink, please try our Cap Configurator and get whatever it is YOU want to wear!

But as the name already promises, we offer more than “just hats”.
“Cap Hunter and more” is (of course :-p) in line with our Kat Hunter philosophy to make us all benefit from each other.

So in addition to our own collections, we also offer

  • Merchandise for artists & projects (positive infrastructure to sell with minimal cost and effort) or
  • our selection of products of local and befriended brands, in line with our philosophy and ethics, handpicked and carefully checked to align with our code of conduct.

It must be something we love and believe in, it must be a piece of art to us.

Join our tribe.

Code of conduct

The higher your awareness, standards and actually most important, conversion is in regard to the following criteria, the better the chances for our partnership.

Our goal is to provide you a meaningful customer experience when buying any of our products. We want you to be happy when shopping with us, knowingly that you do something good in many perspectives, by supporting small start-ups as well as bigger non-profit organizations. We aim to be as transparent as possible and want you to know where you spend the money and therefore whom you support.


We probably all agree that feathers look beautfiul. But only on those whom they belong to. On everybody else, they have caused unbearable harm and suffering to those they were taken from. That’s why we refuse to produce any caps or fashion in general including feathers. 

We ask everyone to not buy accessoires, clothes or other products with decorational feathers at all. It’s like wearing fake fur hoods. If you  wear it, people can’t always tell it’s fake. Especially not the little kids who you automatically inspire once they see you on the street. If you wear something you send out the signal into the world that it’s ok,  or even more, desirable to do the same. So choose wisely and be aware. 

Our research didn’t find any artificial alternatives, yet. Many sellers claim to sell “synthetical feathers”, but looking into detail, they are not. They are coloured or treated but they are still real feathers from real animals.  

Please spread the word, educate yourself and others and stop animal suffering! 

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