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Yes, we are Headhunter - but for the cool staff!

Booking for a cause, not for the Ego.

Whats your dream?


With many years of expertise, Kat Hunter has grown a network in the culture and art scene you won’t find anywhere else.
Our portfolio includes a versatile variety of outstanding talented artists, performance groups, club owners as well as pretty much every specialist from behind the scenes.

Our services

No matter what’s your profession, its always hard to negotiate your worth.

Artists are not contractors nor are most of them very talented in booking their own gigs or negotiating their fees.

And they don’t have to, that’s why they have booking agencies.

Kat Hunter aims to leverage their success by connecting them to new opportunities.

Our service can be your next gig as well as using our E-commerce infrastructure. 

We are not in competition with your already existing engagements.

We love to work directly with the Artists but just as well with their bookers and agencies.

We always provide a new way of additional business that benefits ALL players.

And there is another great way for you to fill your wallet and still, do something good at the same time. 

We offer you the infrastructure to sell your merchandise with minimal effort and costs. Imagine your next stream including a link to our shop where you offer your customized cap, shirt, bag and more. 

All we need is your logo!

It’s magic. And it’s real.

How we work

We are used to operate completely in the background, sometimes the crowd doesn’t even know about our involvement, we rather manage than perform in the front row. Especially hot jobs and current projects commonly must stay confidential at least until executed and therefore we thank you for understanding discretion and reliability are part of our core values.

 But let us assure you: From unique locations, world leading sound systems to specialized lawyers and well-established web & marketing agencies: You name it – we have it or we find it for you!

As portfolios do, ours as well grows with every new project and mission we accomplish. We are proud to say, our success rate is very high. This is due the fact that we only take on jobs, where we are extremely confident that we can provide a crucial benefit. Once we have the details of your request, we will confirm within 24 hours if we are able to deliver. From there, we promise our clients to either offer the exact solution they look for or at least, if it’s not the final product, deliver a huge step forward to their desired outcome. 

How much is the fish (fees)?

We will charge only and after whatever additional profit made it to YOUR pocket. There is nothing to lose. Don’t they say a network only harms those, who have none? 

Our services don’t have a fix fee. They depend on your project, the work and time that is contributed and is always measured on success. Kat Hunter’s main objective is not commercial profit and therefore, money is not the only currency you can pay us with! Supporting non-profit causes, projects and initiatives we believe in, can be an even better payment. Let’s talk it out! 

Be part of something bigger than yourself!
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